"this appears to be an extremely good residential conversion, respecting the characteristic features of the building and retaining almost all the originals. The detailed list in the Heritage Statement of what will be retained and what removed shows an admirable attention to detail, and the duplex units making full use of the big windows are most ingenious"  - Staines Town Society

This is a quote we are extremely proud of as it highlights the careful attention to detail and design skills we present when it comes to dealing with Heritage or Listed Buildings. 


At USL Architects we respect the buildings and their history while still being able to maximise the potential commercial viability for the client.


We work with specialist contractors and consultants to ensure that any work carried out is done in accordance with Heritage regulations. Also key to a successful Heritage project is the open dialogue we encourage with the local planners and historic societies, enabling a positive working relationship while creating a balance between the client's requirements and regulations.